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re: App: SpaceMambo

The application submitted by SpaceMambo is as follows:

Your Character's Name:


Main Spec / Off Spec (please note if OS is PvP):
Demonology/No off

Raid Experience:
Raided through heroic in wod

5-Man Experience:
Nothing worth mentioning

Link Your Gear: (link to armory, make sure its for the spec you are applying under):

Current/Former Guilds & why did you or do you plan on leaving them(main character & any alts):
My old guild disbanded some time between the final patch of wod and the release of legion for unknown reasons

Alternate Characters: (Name, level, class, main spec/ off spec):
Lightgazer, 100, Priest, Disc/Shadow, Safronin, 100, Hunter, BM/SV

How Is Your Connection? (excellent, very good, random dcs, awful):

Can You Make Our Raid Times: 6pm Server Tues/Thurs (+1 generally)?:

Do You Have Current Versions of Vent, a Threat Meter, & DeadlyBossMods?:

Have you read, understand & Agree with our Code of Conduct and Raiding Policies? (links on home page):

How do you see yourself fitting into our Guild with the current guild & raiding policies system in place?:
I'm working on self gearing via pugs to catch up and eventually working as a fill.

Do you know someone in guild? If so who & How?:

Tell Us Why You Want To Join Infliction And Why We Should Accept Your App?:
I really want to have a good guild to be a part of to legion as I lost a large amount of the community when my guild disappeared. I really want to get back into raiding and enjoy the full extent of the content, along with that I'm easy to work with, flexible, and am not a conflict oriented person.

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