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re: App: OhdinOne


Whisper me (Mganda-Draenor) if still interested in joining Infliction.


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re: App: OhdinOne

The application submitted by OhdinOne is as follows:

Your Character's Name:


Main Spec / Off Spec (please note if OS is PvP):

Raid Experience:
In Vanilla I was a MT, we got through everything but a few bosses in Nax. By BC I was bored, didn't do a lot of raiding, guild fell apart, drama etc. By LK and on I've been healing on my druid. I've done most content for each xpac. In this expansion I've continued to heal up through most of HFC. I took a break to focus on school, compete in a couple of competitions. Now I want to complete the content on my druid prior to the expansion.

5-Man Experience:
Mostly healing on my toons, druid, pally, priest. Sometimes DPSing on my druid and priest.

Link Your Gear: (link to armory, make sure its for the spec you are applying under):

Current/Former Guilds & why did you or do you plan on leaving them(main character & any alts):
My first guild I left to become a hardcore raider with blood steel brotherhood. They merged, then disbanded by BC. Since then I've been witha few guilds, usually leaving because the raiding had dried up or was close to. I left my most recent guild because I changed to horde. Changed to horde because I've never played on horde, a change in scenery was needed.

Alternate Characters: (Name, level, class, main spec/ off spec):
Behnedict - 100, Priest Disc/Shadow. Ragnahr - Pally Holy/Ret Latharius Arms/Fury Warrior

How Is Your Connection? (excellent, very good, random dcs, awful):
Very Good

Can You Make Our Raid Times: 6pm Server Tues/Thurs (+1 generally)?:

Do You Have Current Versions of Vent, a Threat Meter, & DeadlyBossMods?:

Have you read, understand & Agree with our Code of Conduct and Raiding Policies? (links on home page):

How do you see yourself fitting into our Guild with the current guild & raiding policies system in place?:
Since I'm switching to horde, my list of player on horde side is limited. Though I do maintain friends from the alliance. The rest of the code of conduct is no problem. I'm sure the first week or two I'll be a little quiet, in order to get use to the guild and understand the nature and limits of the guild. I'm a data geek, so in raids I'll be concerned with how our numbers look. That's not to say I'll point it out when someone is under performing or when the DPS is too low, I don't want to discourage people. But if ever asked I can give a good assessment of a situation. Mostly I use the numbers to improve my own play.

Do you know someone in guild? If so who & How?:
No, unforunately.

Tell Us Why You Want To Join Infliction And Why We Should Accept Your App?:
This guild comes with a reputation, with an aged and tested name. No guild can be without drama, but few guilds can actually say they know how to deal with drama and continue to perform at a high standard. Playing at a high standard is important, it's how we can receive loots, which we all want to some degree, and how we can push ourselves further. I want to see people get loots, get the feeling when we finally down an annoying boss or clear an entire raid.

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