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re: App: Solrac




Thank you for applying to infliction.  We are always interested in raid interested healers.  Speak to me or one of the other officers in game to discuss joining the guild.


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re: App: Solrac

The application submitted by Solrac is as follows:

Your Character's Name:


Main Spec / Off Spec (please note if OS is PvP):
Resto Main / Ele Off

Raid Experience:
most content 10-25 lfr last 3 xpacs and 10-25 BC and WOTLK

5-Man Experience:
All content (Normal/Heroic/Docks on mythic

Link Your Gear: (link to armory, make sure its for the spec you are applying under):

Current/Former Guilds & why did you or do you plan on leaving them(main character & any alts):
Whimsical Ducks, it was a guild of good friends but our only raiding was pugs in LFR

Alternate Characters: (Name, level, class, main spec/ off spec):
Loscosta. Alli Hunter. Was my main this xpac hence him being bettered geared but I am coming back to the horde and want to heal. He is Marks

How Is Your Connection? (excellent, very good, random dcs, awful):

Can You Make Our Raid Times: 6pm Server Tues/Thurs (+1 generally)?:

Do You Have Current Versions of Vent, a Threat Meter, & DeadlyBossMods?:

Have you read, understand & Agree with our Code of Conduct and Raiding Policies? (links on home page):

How do you see yourself fitting into our Guild with the current guild & raiding policies system in place?:
I see myself, over time of course, being raid healer and being the one ready to heal old schools and 5 mans. I don;y mind running content below my level or with gear I can'y use. If I'm there to help a guildy then I'm game. In respect to your EPGP system, I am no stranger to it and am happy to work within in it.

Do you know someone in guild? If so who & How?:

Tell Us Why You Want To Join Infliction And Why We Should Accept Your App?:
I played warrior in Vanilla. In BC I took up the shaman and healed. Since that time I have healed every 5 man in this game and despite my various alts and switching of "Mains" I have always come back to my Shaman. I was almost completely MIA for MOP and due to the birth of my son was MIA for the later part of Cat. Now I'm back, dusted off my shaman and want to raid. I also plan to progression raid Legion. Your rules remind my of Misfits, a guild I ran with long ago and very much enjoyed. I have no issue on passing on lot, be it for a lack of points to even get it or because I see another needs it more. I don't play any more to be the first to loot, just to be first to have fun.

When Thrall was our leader I had no issues kicking dirt and running back to Org to defend from raids and had no issues running Wailing Caverns at 60 to help get toons gear or running to hellfire to help tip a PVP fight. I just want to be back ina guild the works together and can take on the game for what it is. Not what LFR makes people think it is.

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