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re: App: user_9150

The application submitted by user_9150 is as follows:

Your Character's Name:


Main Spec / Off Spec (please note if OS is PvP):

Raid Experience:
All LFR-- Hellfire Assault -> Iron Reaver ->Kormrok -> Hellfire High Council ->NORMAL Mode

5-Man Experience:
Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and TimeWalker Dungs

Link Your Gear: (link to armory, make sure its for the spec you are applying under):

Current/Former Guilds & why did you or do you plan on leaving them(main character & any alts):
Afflicted Souls JOINED;Sep 25, 15<--- Will PWN You JOINED;Apr 08, 15<---Judgement JOINED:Nov 23, 15...1st guild was a leveling stepping stone and I joined "Will PWN You" till leadership and members vanished, I was then asked a couple months ago to help start a guild with a couple and after two months we went from 300-->1450 in <2months (Afflicted Souls) and I also took on an officer/Bank manager role till the Guild master and I were disagreeing and sad to say we (BF and myself) started looking for a new "less selfish" guild, Needless to say after all my efforts to try to make it work I was cast out and my BF with me with not so much as a "thanks for the memories even thou they weren't that great" but to me it was the amount of Mats and Time i put into the guild just to be replaced and cast aside. (Kicked but i remained calm and left the FB/vent w/o issue)...Currently all my toons are w/o guild.

Alternate Characters: (Name, level, class, main spec/ off spec):
Zinaid--PRIEST--: Level;100--Shadow/Shadow (PVE/PVP)** Zenaide--MAGE--: Level;100--Frost/Frost (PVE/PVP)** Zenaìd--SHAMAN--: Level;100--Resto/Elememtal (PVE)** Zenaìda--WARLOCK--: Level;100--Destruction (PVE) Zenaìde--DEATH KNIGHT--: Level;100--Frost (PVE)** Zìnaìde--HUNTER--: Level;100--BeastMaster (PVE) Zenaida--ROUGE--: Level;70--Combat (PVE) Zenaid--DRUID--: Level;90--Feral (PVE) (Don't Really play this one anymore) **= Itemlevel >650

How Is Your Connection? (excellent, very good, random dcs, awful):
The Best (Unlimited) Can provide speed tests.

Can You Make Our Raid Times: 6pm Server Tues/Thurs (+1 generally)?:

Do You Have Current Versions of Vent, a Threat Meter, & DeadlyBossMods?:

Have you read, understand & Agree with our Code of Conduct and Raiding Policies? (links on home page):

How do you see yourself fitting into our Guild with the current guild & raiding policies system in place?:
My last role was Officer/Bank Manager and after seeing the all that vanish after being cast aside (Guild kick), i'm looking to take a CORE-Raider Position as my Officer position I'm "told" even thou i'm a 100% fun guy that i'm also too militant/perfectionist in regards to how people conduct themselves in raid. Ex; Missing buffs, flakes, Augment Rune, I also plan to give my all and contribute in regards to professions;(700)Tailor, Enchanting, Inscription,Engineering, Alchemy, Mining, jewelcrafting, and (450) Blacksmithing/Leather-working, and LASTLY IMO I believe VENT chat should be restricted to current event only not social/gear/RL-chat during raid events. So I rest at ease knowing that if accepted I would fit in nicely due to the fact I play not only to Kick ass XD but to progress everyone together, as teamwork is a lacking trait in Games now a days.

Do you know someone in guild? If so who & How?:

Tell Us Why You Want To Join Infliction And Why We Should Accept Your App?:
Well to be honest, I seek working with professionals who conduct themselves accordingly, I seek to further extend my knowledge of the best game ever and look forward to the expansions to come with glee. I seek to join to also get "stuff" done, I log everyday with purpose as there is ALWAYS something to do, I also seek to join to gain friendships with people who actually respect each other and who believe its about the --GUILD-- not about "me me me me & I want".... You should accept me because I plan give my all and plan on seeking a CORE position with my skills, attendance, and Get-r-done attitude.

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