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Code of Conduct




This page describes expectations for members of our guild. We expect all members to respect and abide by our code of conduct.

Elitist attitudes will not be tolerated! If you look down upon people or treat them with disrespect then Infliction is not for you.

1) Have fun! World of Warcraft is a fun game. If you're not having fun, you're not playing it right.

2) Be a strong team player and set an example of others to follow. Don't be selfish. If you're not sure what selfish is please read Appendix A below "How to tell I'm turning into a loot whore". Happy

3) Chronic negative behavior in guild channel will not be tolerated. Guild channel is meant to be a positive cooperative place for members to coordinate activities, socialize, and share game information. Please do your best to keep it a positive place. Excessive ranting, bitching, and complaining in guild channel will not be tolerated.

4) Please refrain from endless discussion about your gear, your quests, and the stuff you 'need' in guild channel. Everyone has a personal shopping list of goals and objectives . Feel free to ask for help but remember that the guild is here for everyone not just you. Please take the time to help other people and
they will come to your aid when you need something.

5) Be respectful of players in other guilds. We want our Guild Tabard and the Infliction tag to be associated with highly skilled players who are excellent to group with. Earning the respect of other guilds make us stronger. We expect members to uphold our code of conduct even when grouped with players from other
guilds, and to represent us well.

6) Organizing runs is not the responsibility of the guild leader, the officers, or any one individual. It is a collective responsibility of everyone who is a member of the guild. All members are encouraged to seek, organize, and participate in other runs when guild runs are not possible. However guild runs should take precedence when possible.

7) Everyone should maintain a list of friends outside the guild and build good relationships with people they respect outside our guild. Good people always find a way to play with people they like. Perhaps some day some of those players may inquire about joining our guild.

8) All members are encouraged to visit our guild web site regularly and contribute to the discussion forums. If you have suggestions for how to make Infliction a stronger guild the forums are a great place to share your ideas. There are even groups to post in if you have nothing particularly important to say.

9) Starting drama on any forum will be not be tolerated. Offending members will be warned, and in some cases in which the guild image is damaged, removed from the guild.

10) If you disagree with this code of conduct please feel free to leave the guild at any time. There will be no hard feelings and we will only wish you the best.



                                                                                                                                                AM I A LOOT WHORE?


If this list describes you then maybe its time to take a step back and reconsider why you're playing the game.

1) I spend a lot of time on guild channel talking about gear I have, and gear that I 'need'. I tune out everything other people are doing that doesn't meet my personal needs.

2) I spend a lot of time thinking about gear that uber players are getting. And I get frustrated because every moment I'm not going after mine feels like a complete waste of time.

3) I make excuses to not go on guild runs that aren't going where I 'need'.

4) I don't spend any time helping guildies get their items or do their quests, but I still get pissed off when there are no healers volunteering to come help me get mine.

5) The last time I grouped with a random person to help them get a quest was when I was level 25. Now at level 80 I'm much too busy to care.

6) I don't have any professions levelled to 300, but I keep careful track of which enchanter / tailor / leatherworker in the guild can make the items I need.

7) I've been in many guilds and never felt connected to any of them. I don't care what guild I'm in as long as I can get my stuff.

8) I never took the time to get to know anyone in the guild. But when I get excited about that epic that just dropped I want to let everyone know about it right away.

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