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Raiding Policies

Raiding Policies

Infliction is a fun guild that also likes to be focused on raiding & progressing in End Game content & look forward to the new challenges that await.

With regards to 10 and 25 man raids, the level of difficulty of these instances requires the proper gear, skill and the ability to listen to instructions that will ensure a successful raid. With that said, when we take new recruits we want to make sure they know that they will have to work their way up in the guild and earn gear so they can help in these more challenging instances. If you do not put in the work...you do not get an invite. 

Raid Invites

Raid invites are based into 2 categories.
1. Class make up comes first. Must make sure that the raid has the proper amount of heals/tanks first and foremost. Some of the invites will have dual spec and we will ask people to switch for some fights to give one and additional tank/heals/dps.
2. If there are enough heals/tanks/dps then the next step would be to take people that have the most EP (effort points). The more that you participate in guild activities and earn EP the more chances you get to be in the raid.

Raid Specs

We do not require any one to be a specific spec. We will however take people according to what the raid needs. Heals/dps/tank. The only time some one will ever be asked to change a spec would be if we need an additional heal/dps/tank. We will take heals/tanks before we invite all the dps. Raid spec will be what you get invited into the raid to participate as. If you are spec'ed dps then you are dps unless other wise asked (you can be dps and offspec heals.)

Raid Loot

Raid loot is based on EPGP.

Wait List

If there are more people interested in going to raid then spots then a wait list is created for those who do not get a spot. The people on the wait list will still be invited into the raid but will be put into either groups 6-8. While you are on the wait list you still collect EP points for your time while on the wait list. IF YOU LEAVE THE WAIT LIST YOU WILL NOT COLLECT EP.


We do not take alts to guild 25 runs unless other wised asked too. Please do not ask to take an alt to the run to get that alt gear. Mains first, if we need more of a certain class/spec then we will open it up to ask for alts but til then please do not ask to bring in an alt because your main does not need something. This is looked down upon.

Raid Requirements

Ventrilo is required for all raids and can determine if you get a raid spot or not.
Please come prepared with food, Flasks, reagents, or any other items you should need for the raid...   

Constant AFK's are looked down upon.

Last Minute Raid Info

A raid is not finished until raid leader calls the raid. Sometimes a raid may continue onto another raid instance and continue raiding. If there are any questions during the raid please whisper the raid leader on what to do if you are unsure. The raid leader will assign heals/tanking/dps so please if you are not the raid leader please do not confuse others on assigning people yourself. 

No matter what instance run you are on, all members & non members are treated with respect. Infliction is a fun guild that is respected by others in the community & would like to continue being respected. We strive to succeed in instances, but we love to have fun as well.

We also as a guild like to run Old School raids, ie Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Ahn'Qiraj, and may start running some BC raids as "Old School."  There is no set schedule for these, and they are expected to be completely fun.

Be fair with loot distribution, don't hog it all.  Remember the Code of Conduct.

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