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Infliction is a World of Warcraft Horde Raiding Guild established in 2005 on the US server Draenor by a group of friends. The guild has seen many changes since it began but one thing has remained constant, we value people over gear. Many of the early members still play and help lead the guild through the new content.

The guild raids Normal and Heroic content two or more nights a week (Tues/Thurs +1) at 6pm Server.  Infliction also runs organized PvP content, old school raids and developmental endgame instances (5 mans). As you can see, we have many activities for just about every type of player. We welcome alt characters as long as they don't impede the progression of your raiding main.

So if you are looking for a raiding guild to call home, and maybe a little PvP and old school content, please feel free to read our Code of Conduct and fill out an application.

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User Comment ImageView in Descending OrderHeroic Gruul Down by Jantiwow46 days ago1 Replies
User Comment ImageView in Descending OrderLarge dude with no feet dead by anthraxis61 days ago0 Replies
User Comment ImageView in Descending OrderOregorger Down by anthraxis75 days ago0 Replies
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Heroic Gruul Down

by anthraxis, 47 days ago

Get out of the smashes!


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Large dude with no feet dead

by anthraxis, 61 days ago

Kromag down.  Not the prettiest kill ever... but another tier token accessible now.


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